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  • Wolfgang Joop & NewYorkinas-Originals at Vienna Awards 2018

    Wolfgang Joop (born November 18, 1944) is a German fashion designer. He is the founder of the fashion and cosmetics company JOOP! as well as of fashion brand Wunderkind. He is the father of fashion and jewel designer Jette Joop and of writer and painter Florentine Joop. …. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfgang_Joop NewYorkinas-Originals next to Herr Joop at the Vienna Awards 2018. Danke Shön Herr Joop.

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  • Vienna Awards 2018

    How to wear sneakers on the red carpet #NewYorkinate

    Celebs who rocked sneakers on the red carpet! This year Vienna Awards 2018 presented @newyorkinasoriginals on the Red Carpet !! A special and customized model ONLY for Vienna Awards 2018. Take a look at our web and #customize your NYO. https://newyorkinasoriginals.com/customize-your-newyorkinas/ Millie Bobby Brown has mastered the art of red carpet dressing so well that it’s …

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