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The Brand

NewYorkinas-Originals is the project of Rosmi Dominguez. Entrepreneur who decided to turn her passion for Manhattan into an urban footwear brand inspired by the DNA of the big apple, when by mistake the word Menorquinas was transformed into NewYorkinas. From there, its creator founded in 2015 the basis of what is currently the brand.

To talk about NewYorkinas-Originals is to talk about an experience turned into footwear and to discover everything we still have to discover.

NYO established in Tarragona, between its production center in Alicante and the European fashion center Barcelona.

It started to create the “concept book” of the brand, to select materials and to establish the foundation of the NYO basic models.

After a year of intense work, from 2015 to 2016, the first prototypes and the whole concept of the brand materialized, with the aim of developing its own unique style.

The NewYorkinas-Originals sneaker collection transports you to the streets of Manhattan. One of its main models “Liberty New York” is a tribute to the iconic liberty statue, to its particular color and the great symbol it has become around the world.

NewYorkinas-Originals urban footwear before & after.

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    Rosmi Dominguez

    Founder & CEO

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