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    A PUERTAS CERRADAS: Todo comenzó en los años 20, cuando la Ley Seca animó al consumo (exagerado) de alcohol en bares clandestinos. Ninguno queda de aquella época, como al que acude Di Caprio en El Gran Gatsby, detrás de una barbería. Pero todos estos bares conservan su esencia e intentan mantenerse ocultos, aunque New York probablemente sea la peor ciudad para guardar …

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  • http://red.elite-magazin.com/news/fashion/entdecke-das-unentdeckte/

    NewYorkinas-Originals full article in ELITE Magazine Germany

        „Bequeme, urbane Schuhe mit dem Gefühl New Yorks, die für einen lässigen Auftritt im Alltag sorgen, die man aber auch zu einem Vorstellungsgespräch anziehen könnte“ beschreibt die NewYorkinas-Entwicklerin Rosmi Dominguez https://newyorkinasoriginals.com/   die Sneakers …. Thank you so much!! #ELITE #GLAMCOMMUNICATION  Full article : http://red.elite-magazin.com/news/fashion/entdecke-das-unentdeckte/ #sneakers #zapatillas #piel #handmade #madeinspain #newyork #manhattan

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  • Stroll through BARCELONA with your NewYorkinas-Originals

    The area of Poblenou has gone from the industrial center of Catalonia to being the focuspoint of alternative culture in Barcelona. Experience it with your dark blue Cool London NewYorkinas-Originals Sneakers https: //newyorkinasoriginals.com/sneakers/cool-london-limited-edition/   We offer you a tour of Poblenou, so that you can soak up the spirit of the district in a single day. And for …

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    SNEAKERS WITH A SUIT – Looks con zapatillas para cuando no quieres ponerte tacones –

      SNEAKERS CON TRAJE     SNEAKERS WITH A SUIT Wearing a suit doesn´t mean that you have to wear formal men’s shoes or highheels, Sneakers look great too. Next to @thealexbadia in @samsung with @wwd #WWDStyleDimension in New York NewYorkinasOriginals model: https://newyorkinasoriginals.com/sneakers/america-eeuu-limited-edition/ Llevar traje no significa que tengas que ponértelo con zapatos masculinos o taconazos …

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  • NewYorkinasOriginals takes a walk through First Dates

    A few weeks ago, on the TV program FIRST DATES, airing on Spanish channel “Cuatro”, one of its contestants wore our NewYorkinasOriginals! The show is presented by the well-known Carlos Sobera, accompained by Lidia Torrent and Matías Roure, and helps all kinds of people to find love. The contestant Tomás HC, a known agent and …

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  • new york city newspaper magazine

    From Cambrils to NewYork #NewYorkinate

    From Cambrils to NewYork !! THANK YOU “Diario de Tarragona” 1.April.2018 <3! Article about NewYorkinasOriginals DIS-RUPTIVES sneakers! DO NOT MISS IT. #newyorkinate #newyork #barcelona #shoes #bambas “Customize” your NYO: You have the possibility to “customize” the back of your NewYorkinasOriginals with text, LOGOS, names etc. AND flags, LOGOS, parches, etc. on the NYO shoe-tongue. Our client, The restaurant chain DIONISOS, has customized NewYorkinasOriginals with the Greek flag and their LOGO to outfit their Barcelona staff. Another client …

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  • The NewYorkinasOriginals world at Joe Galaxy’ feet!

    As we already have mentioned in another blog post, one of our heavy users of NewYorkinasOriginals is the versatile Joe Galaxy: artist, model, actor, producer and rapper. We were able to see him at the Sun Festival 2017, wearing his signature NewYorkinasOriginals Limited Edition on stage. Joe Galaxy perfectly defines the style of NewYorkinasOriginas, because …

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  • NewYorkinasOriginals on Spanish TV, again !!

    A few weeks ago, NewYorkinasOriginals were seen in the Spanish version of the program “Style by Jury” presented by Carlota Corredera and accompanied by stylists Pelayo Díaz, Natalia Ferviú and Cristina Rodríguez. This program features people, who seek a radical change of style for different reasons. On the catwalk of the program, different models of …

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  • Joe Galaxy & NewYorkinasOriginals

    Last May we were at Sunfestival 2017, and we were able to enjoy “Joe Galaxy” live in concert, another celebrity, who has joined the NewYorkinasOriginals fashion statement. On this occasion, the singer chose the Navy UK Limited Edition model, which perfectly matches his look. We also had the luck to sneak in at his rehearsals …

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  • Telecinco is NewYorkinasOriginals!

      The presenter of the Radioset Program (Tele5) Morning Glory, Maria Verdoy, has also joined the fashion of NewYorkinasOriginals. A few days ago, we could see the Valencian journalist in the program she presents with co-host Jaime Astuy, wearing our NewYorkinasOriginals. She wore the model “Joe Galaxy”, inspired by the Miami rapper of the same …

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