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    From Cambrils to NewYork #NewYorkinate

    From Cambrils to NewYork !! GRACIAS Diario de Tarragona 1.Abril.2018 <3 ! Articulo sobre NewYorkinasOriginals DIS-RUPTIVES sneakers ! NO TE LO PIERDAS. #newyorkinate #newyork #barcelona #zapatillas #bambas “Customize” tus NYO: Tienes la posibilidad de “personalizar” tus NewYorkinasOriginals. En la parte trasera de tu sneaker, textos, LOGOS, nombres … Y en la lengüeta de tus NYO, banderas, …

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    THY SKY AT YOUR FEET #sneakers

    I wanted to show you what I’ve explored today! Germany’s longest suspension bridge which is 360m long and 100m high located in a picturesque forest between the towns of Morsdorf and Sosberg. I like to make the looks in the magical atmosphere. It was a wonderful day out in the stunning German countryside! However it …

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