Scandinavian Limited Edition


NewYorkinas-Originals FITS WIDE FEET.          Shoes size chart



The NewYorkinas-Originals Scandinavian Limited Edition model is made of sky blue cowhide leather. Before your NewYorkinas-Originals are manufactured, the flag of the sneakers is produced in Barcelona and sent to the manufacturer to be embroidered on the shoe-tongue. Don´t forget the brand identity on all NewYorkinas-Originals sneakers are the Blue Sole.


NewYorkinas-Originals come with a second pair of shoelaces and a carry bag.  That way you can combine them with the NewYorkinas-Originals brand identity, our Blue Sole.

Sole: Tr – Natural Rubber

Weight: 700 gr approx. by Pair

Height: 14 Cm.

* The sizes that do not appear are out of Stock.

NewYorkinas-Originals fits wide feet.

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